Working from Home Can be Productive and Enjoyable

For many, the ultimate dream is to escape racial competition and work from home. For some who have achieved this dream, it has become the ultimate nightmare!


Faced with the pressure of daily life, work and commuting, working from home seems to be the way out, but it sounds not so easy and idyllic What are the pitfalls if you seriously consider starting your own business and working from home? How to avoid these pitfalls?


Understand your motivation


When you work from home, it may be too tempting to stay in bed for a while. When you’re just a few steps away from your new workplace, you don’t need to get up and pass by the car in the morning or at your desk before 8.30am.


If you want to make a difference in your new work environment, you must find a stimulus strong enough to get you up at the time you specify. To figure out what your motivation is, you first have to think about why you work from home. Spend more time with your family? Is it your freedom to pursue other interests?


If you find these features are not enough to get you up, find out the financial reasons. Imagine you and your family being kicked out of the house because they cannot afford a mortgage! Remember this picture, the next time you find yourself staring at the ceiling of your bedroom, lift up this picture and you will soon find yourself at your desk!


Set up routines


We are all creators of habits. Fixed habits help us stay motivated and focus on the task at hand. Set your own start time, tea time, lunch time, etc. Fixed routines can help you adapt to your new role faster than the “Let’s see what happens today” approach. Without a work schedule (including a limited day to complete), your workday will not be able to focus and may continue into the night, ending the social life you may have.


You alone


Working from home can be a lonely being. As humans, we are born to seek contact with other humans. In an office environment, get in touch every day, have a quick 10-minute chat on the coffee machine, find out what your colleagues did the night before, and celebrate a big deal with someone. All of this is essential to making our lives complete, but home-based businesses lack it all.


To overcome this feeling of isolation, which was especially noticeable in your first few months, you had to build a network of people in the same location as you. Agree that you need to call at least twice a week and arrange for lunch or coffee every 2 weeks. Your family may not be the right person to discuss business issues with, so you must look for someone who can relate to your success and problems.


Get out of the house


Staying in the house from Monday to Friday, and not seeing the sun all day, is not good for your health or mental state. You may be so focused on your work that you convince yourself that you don’t have time to leave home. But this is the wrong economy. You must arrange time to leave and experience different environments.


In addition to meeting your domestic helpers to get them together regularly, joining a fitness club, swimming once or twice a week, going to the cinema, checking out your local business links, and seeing what seminars they are holding-what can you get go out! Don’t limit yourself to working, eating and sleeping at home.


Keep moving


Today, you can perform most work-related tasks away from your desk. Once your business is set up, invest in a laptop, PDA, and a quality phone. With these devices, you can take your office with you, work in gardens, local parks and even libraries. No matter where you are, it doesn’t matter if you stay outside and be with other people.


Creating an office


If you have worked in a formal office environment all your life, switching to a kitchen table or a spare room can be distracting. To give you discipline and focus, designate a part of the house as your office. If you have extra rooms or study rooms, it’s even better. Buy desks and office chairs, filing cabinets and other office stationery. Remove all home and family related items so that you can tell you you are at work and not at home.




In any office, too many colleagues and clients are visiting you to clutter your work area. At home, things are different. Unless you receive customers regularly, it’s easy to get your paperwork and documents out of control. The claim that a cluttered table causes confusion is correct. Unless you are organized, your efficiency and productivity will suffer.